JSON Example

Copy the sample JSON below.

What is JSON?

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a commonly used format for describing data. JSON can take the form of an object of key-value pairs or an array of values.

JSON Object

A JSON object is made up of key-value pairs (see the example above).

An object must start with an opening brace { and end with a closing brace }.

Inside the object, keys must be surrounded with double quotes "", followed by a colon, and then followed by an allowed value of a type listed in the table below.

JSON Array

A JSON array is made up of a series of comma-separated values.

An array must start with an opening bracket [ and end with a closing bracket ].

Each value in the array must be of a valid data type as represented in the data type table below.

JSON Data Types
JSON Data Types
Example JSON
Example JSON

JSON Format

Full form name JavaScript Object Notation
File extension .json
Type of format Object Notation
MIME type application/json

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